What is the best way to keep Diego - Costa? Wenger said: "On the basis of respect for the rules of the game, come up with cold and ruthless attitude Christian Ehrhoff Jersey. Azal, William, Costa are very dangerous people, we need to contain them. Of course, their defense is also very solid, Counterattack is quite sharp. Recently, and Chelsea confrontation, Arsenal players eat a lot of red card. How to avoid such a situation again? Wenger said: "We talk about this issue, because the last two and Chelsea dialogue, We are all 10 people fighting. Tomorrow, our mental outlook and the field action will be very important, can not 11 to 11 contest, let us feel regret. However, fate is always the kind of peak Patric Hornqvist Jersey, Mourinho in this summer became Manchester United's coach Matt Murray Jersey, this time Mourinho has finally had the opportunity to work with Rooney, and in July this year, Mourinho in accept The media interview did not hide his love for Rooney: "I like him (Rooney), he is currently playing the year, and now he is very mature, his experience is also very rich.If Rooney is Manchester United's second choice Of the words, then the England national team should be very happy. In the history of La Liga, the two teams played a total of 84 times, Barcelona 51 wins and 16 draws and 17 losses, winning the ball for 178 to 71. In the away against Sporting Gijon, the Barcelona record of 14 wins and 12 draws and 16 losses, winning the ball for 57 to 48. Barcelona last lost to Gijon Athletic Paul Martin Jersey, took place in the first round of the 94/95 season, when Barcelona away 1 to 2 defeat.