This week Wenger just usher in the 20th anniversary of Arsenal coaching, the field is already a professor as the gunner coach 55 games lead Chelsea, second only to against another old rival Manchester United 56 games. Conti has also been the face of the 12th Chelsea coach Wenger, he played against the Premier League team coaching the most number of times, after the professor has Biezu 11 opponents, Conti can not boil two Year? The new season, Kudiniao still maintained a strong external long-range ability. The game against the city of Hull, the Brazilian city in Hull City pulled back a city less than two minutes, in the restricted area before the left side of the pass to pull the ball after the ball, The angle of the shot, the right foot pocket after the corner hit the door, the ball draw a wonderful arc, straight to the right corner of the goal. Kutiniao once again scored by long distance Phil Esposito Jersey. Opening only 22 seconds, Juventus to complete the shot Daniel Paille Jersey, Pianic left the bottom of the cross J.T. Miller Jersey, Higuain for the restricted area on the edge of the right foot shot high Matt Hunwick Jersey. The first 3 minutes, Bonucci pull Diamanti dyed yellow. The first 6 minutes, Gerda Nippon front line kicked down Manzu Qi Qi, also eat yellow card, Pianic small angle free kick directly selected to close the post, was Bossavic double boxing out. The first 10 minutes, Alves restricted frontier Zhise, Higuain on the right side of the ball half turned low shot by the other defender sealed the bottom line. Pianici right corner of the corner after the point, Man Zhu close the top of the hammer Gongmen high.