For Conti, the Premier League water is not too deep? Anyway, you are known as Chelsea Chelsea is complete defeat, the blue army named Zola Zuo said: "The field Arsenal played very directly, for Chelsea is really difficult to parry." Manchester United legend Ferdinand also commented: "Arsenal No control of the ball Michael Grabner Jersey, have played the correct game strength Dominic Moore Jersey, they can let Chelsea ball attack, and then through the counterattack to 'bang' about the goal. Home against Hull City, the Red Army 5-1 victory over rivals, won the league three straight. Kutiniao, the core of the Red Army once again contributed to a restricted area outside the clouds arrows Emerson Etem Jersey, opponents pull back a ball, once again to expand the score. At the same time, the Brazilians also assists Lara to open the record Phil Esposito Jersey, Kutiniao can be described as the Red Army home victory the biggest hero. Opening only 9 minutes, Aguero for the blue moon to break the deadlock, Sarnia right before the pass, Aguero has been ready for the next step to complete the shot, he deliberately withdrew to the outside There is a more abundant catch and do joint action space. Before the ball, Aguero in the restricted area in the face of the two Swansea players defensive, but his right footed home to travel to the outside, easily out of the other side of the entanglement, small restricted area near the right foot shot , The ball pierced the door near the door of the small door of Fabianski.