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For Conti the Premier League

Le 6 avril 2017, 09:55 dans Humeurs 0

For Conti, the Premier League water is not too deep? Anyway, you are known as Chelsea Chelsea is complete defeat, the blue army named Zola Zuo said: "The field Arsenal played very directly, for Chelsea is really difficult to parry." Manchester United legend Ferdinand also commented: "Arsenal No control of the ball Michael Grabner Jersey, have played the correct game strength Dominic Moore Jersey, they can let Chelsea ball attack, and then through the counterattack to 'bang' about the goal. Home against Hull City, the Red Army 5-1 victory over rivals, won the league three straight. Kutiniao, the core of the Red Army once again contributed to a restricted area outside the clouds arrows Emerson Etem Jersey, opponents pull back a ball, once again to expand the score. At the same time, the Brazilians also assists Lara to open the record Phil Esposito Jersey, Kutiniao can be described as the Red Army home victory the biggest hero. Opening only 9 minutes, Aguero for the blue moon to break the deadlock, Sarnia right before the pass, Aguero has been ready for the next step to complete the shot, he deliberately withdrew to the outside There is a more abundant catch and do joint action space. Before the ball, Aguero in the restricted area in the face of the two Swansea players defensive, but his right footed home to travel to the outside, easily out of the other side of the entanglement, small restricted area near the right foot shot , The ball pierced the door near the door of the small door of Fabianski.

From the team bosss point

Le 6 avril 2017, 09:55 dans Humeurs 0

From the team boss's point of view, NHL Union in the 1998 Tokyo Olympic Games, the 2006 Italian Olympic Winter Games and the 2014 Russian Olympic Games experience Tim Erixon Jersey, and no convincing. But the Chinese market is not the same. If NHL's success during the Winter Games was successful, then the fall of the preseason and the quadrennial Olympic Games are just the tip of the iceberg. NHL has been able to follow the promotion of NHL since the start of NHL in 2013 Christian Ehrhoff Jersey. But since last year's KHL Beijing Kunlun Hongxing was established, NHL's marketing in mainland China clearly felt the most from its own competitor. pressure. So in the NHL Tencent sports contract the first year, NHL China has been landing in China Thomas Greiss Jersey. This is also since 2000, NHL first came to Asia, but also since 2011 NHL return to overseas series. However, did not last long Rob Scuderi Jersey, affected by external reasons, Vancouver millionaire in 1926 declared the official dissolution. Since then, the city of Vancouver once appeared in the ice hockey team blank. Until 1945, Vancouver joined (now NHL Vancouver to join the predecessor team), while joining the third restart of the Pacific Coast Hockey League, the official battle of this small league ice hockey game. In 1952, the Pacific Coast Hockey League and the Western Hockey League officially merged, and Vancouver joined people in the era of the Western Hockey League game. In 1945-1970 the 25 years, Vancouver, the city has been only with Vancouver to join this small league ice hockey team.

What is the best way to keep

Le 6 avril 2017, 09:55 dans Humeurs 0

What is the best way to keep Diego - Costa? Wenger said: "On the basis of respect for the rules of the game, come up with cold and ruthless attitude Christian Ehrhoff Jersey. Azal, William, Costa are very dangerous people, we need to contain them. Of course, their defense is also very solid, Counterattack is quite sharp. Recently, and Chelsea confrontation, Arsenal players eat a lot of red card. How to avoid such a situation again? Wenger said: "We talk about this issue, because the last two and Chelsea dialogue, We are all 10 people fighting. Tomorrow, our mental outlook and the field action will be very important, can not 11 to 11 contest, let us feel regret. However, fate is always the kind of peak Patric Hornqvist Jersey, Mourinho in this summer became Manchester United's coach Matt Murray Jersey, this time Mourinho has finally had the opportunity to work with Rooney, and in July this year, Mourinho in accept The media interview did not hide his love for Rooney: "I like him (Rooney), he is currently playing the year, and now he is very mature, his experience is also very rich.If Rooney is Manchester United's second choice Of the words, then the England national team should be very happy. In the history of La Liga, the two teams played a total of 84 times, Barcelona 51 wins and 16 draws and 17 losses, winning the ball for 178 to 71. In the away against Sporting Gijon, the Barcelona record of 14 wins and 12 draws and 16 losses, winning the ball for 57 to 48. Barcelona last lost to Gijon Athletic Paul Martin Jersey, took place in the first round of the 94/95 season, when Barcelona away 1 to 2 defeat.

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